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23 May 1988
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From Family Values, Chapter Two:

What frightened the Penguins most was Hika's discovery of coffee.

It started one bright, sunny day, when Sir Oliver Frank found Hika swinging from a flagpole bearing the flag of Bucky Q. Withers, the first Penguin to realize he could fly. Hika loved coffee. It was easier to ingest then sugar, AND it gave you a rush faster. She sang loudly at the top of her lungs.

"I have a dog! Dog! Dog! His name is Spot! Spot! Spot!"

"HIKA!" yelled Sir Oliver Frank, who was flapping his wings furiously, trying to reason with the young girl. "You do not have a dog, and he is not named Spot! Neither are you Queen of the Horsey People, the Evil Pineapple, semi-undead, a maker of pie, a rabid vampire butterfly, OR the Supreme Ruler of the Universe!"

"BUT I WILL BE!" Hika shrieked with delight, kicking in midair madly as her precariously-balanced pants finally fell off of her head to the ground below. A random Penguin child put them on and ran off.

"NO!!" she screeched. "THEY STOLE MY PANTS!"

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